General Features :


Voucher Print, Cash / Bank Book, Journal / Sale / Purchase Register, Credit Note, Debit Note, Group Balance, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet with Annexure, P/L Account, Voucher & Cheque Printing (In digits & words), Bank Reconciliation, Sale against Form, Terms & Condition Company wise, Yearly Voucher, Production Voucher.

Ledger Report (Single Account, All Accounts, Group wise), Form Reminder, Account Transfer / Stock Transfer from any company to any other company, Bird Eye View (From anywhere to Basic Entry Part), Interest Calculation, Outstanding, Payment Reminder, Depreciation, Debtors / Creditors List etc.


VAT Registers :


Haryana (LP-1, LP-2, LP-3, LP-4, LP-5, LS-1, LS-2, LS-7, LS-9), Delhi & Other States (DVAT Series) etc.

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